Getting Started

Mar 4, 2022

Getting Started

What you'll see in this guide:

Finding Commands

Summary: This is how to use and find commands in Mewdeko.

Checking Command Categories

  1. Do .h to find a list of command categories.
  2. Do .cmds category name to see the commands in that category.

Checking Command Help

  1. Do .h commandname to see the info for the command of your choice.

Setting up Sniping

Summary: Used for sniping deleted messages or edited messages. Disabled by default for privacy reasons.

Enabling snipes

  1. Upon joining a server sniping is turned off by default for privacy reasons. Use either .snipeset enable or /snipe set true as shown below to enable them.

Disabling the snipe command in certain channels

  1. Depending on your prefix its as easy as .cc snipe disable #channel

  2. You can disable editsnipe with .cc editsnipe disable #channel

    Keep in mind this only works if used from the disabled channel

Setting up Afk

Summary: Very useful if you want absolute control over how Afk works and is used.

Restricting the length of messages

  1. You can restrict the length of messages users put after .afk or /afk using .afklength


Setting after how long the embed deletes

  1. If you want the message that says they are afk to auto remove to not clutter the chat do .afkdel timeinseconds


Setting up a custom look for afk

  1. Go to for placeholders or for the embed builder.
  2. Use the afkmessage command with your desired look.


Setting up MultiGreets

Summary: Can be used for multiple ping on join and for different greet messages per channel, very useful if you want a more customized look per channel or have several lounge channels.

Adding a channel

  1. Use .mga or /multigreets add without a channel to add the current channel
  2. Or mention a channel like .mga #channel to add it

Changing Delete Time

  1. View your current MultiGreets using .mgl or /multigreets list

  2. Using the number at the top next to the # you can either do .mgd number 0 to stop it from deleting, or .mgd number 30s for example to make it delete after 30 seconds

Changing the message

  1. If you want to use embeds go to and check out the Placeholders for useful stuff.

  2. If you are using the embed builder mentioned above, once you are done making the embed, go to the json tab in the top right, and select all the text in the box. Once you do past it as seen below, along with your chosen MultiGreet number shown in .mgl

  3. Otherwise just put in regular text! Regular text also works with the above menttioned placeholders.

Changing the name and avatar

  1. Find your desired MultiGreet using .mgl or /multigreets list

  2. Use the command .mghook number name avatar as seen below (the imaage link is optional):

Deleting a MultiGreet

  1. To delete all MultiGreets on a channel use .mga delete #channel or /multigreets deletechannel #channel
  2. To delete a certain Multigreet
    2a. Find your desired MultiGreet using .mgl or /multigreets list
    2b. Delete it with either .mgr number or /multigreets remove number
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