How do the 'Greet' or 'Welcome' messages work?

Jul 29, 2021

How to enable greet messages?

You can enable greet messages by typing .greet in the channel you want your greet messages to appear, or you can type .greetdm if you want the greet messages to appear in the users' DMs.

How to change the default greet message?

You can change the default greet message by typing .greetmsg <YourMessage> this will set a new join announcement message which will be shown in the server's desired channel. You can use placeholders like %user.mention%, etc,  you can change the default greet DM message by typing .greetdmmsg <YourMessage>. Example-

Changing the greet message.
Changing the DM greet message.

How to use embeds for welcoming users?

You can use Mewdeko's embed builder and visualizer( for sending embeded welcome messages. Example-

Usage of the command.
Final result.

How to check your current greet message?

You can check your current greet message by typing .greettest, you can also check your DM message by typing .greetdmtest (the message will be shown in your DMs).

Checking my greet message.
Checking my greet DM message.

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